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Demo :


Useful if you are working from scratch on some projects and you find yourself without a quick interface to review the error logs produced. This package yana/dr comes with a quick authentication system called QuickAuth.

In 3 steps :

#1 – Install composer Package

composer require yana/dr

#2 – Update configuration file to read the log from [Yana/Logs/conf.php]

'error_log_path' => '/var/log/php-fpm/www-error.log',

#3 – Create the path/directory to visualize your logs and copy the following files


Download here :

Quick Auth

David Raleche QuickAuth
David Raleche QuickAuth
david raleche quicklogs
david raleche quicklogs
quickAuth by David Raleche
quickAuth by David Raleche

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