General SQL

mysql 8

Create new User

– Full privileges




New Relic – Monitoring System

Adding more visibility to my teams

New Relic is a web application performance service designed to work in a real time with your live web app. New Relic Infrastructure provides flexible, dynamic server monitoring. … It can be considered as the plumbing that makes web apps run faster.


PHP API Architecture




PHP API – Bundle composition

  • controllers
  • services
  • models
  • repositories
  • tests (unit test)



Delete Git History

#1 – Terminal

Git Rebase <commit-hash>

#2 – from vi/vim do the following changes – replace ‘pick’ by ‘drop’

#3 – Commit Current Change

git commit –allow-empty

#4 – Continue Rebase for cofirmation of what you want to see

git rebase –continue

#5 – Command line – Push to your repository

git push -f

#6 – Final Screen ‘bbb’ removed




David Raleche Expertise

David Raleche Expertise

  • The Lead Software Engineer conceives, designs, develops, tests, and implements software fixes, enhancements, components, and/or new software systems and applications with a high level of complexity, where a project encompasses multiple components.
  • The Lead Software Engineer applies practical knowledge of technologies and concepts to lead software engineering teams on large projects, providing technical guidance and oversight and acting as a point of escalation and technical expert.
  • The Lead Software Engineer has accountability for planning, structuring, and leading the execution of development projects.


  • Owns and leads large development projects and teams where a project comprises multiple components; oversees project teams as required.
  • Leads the development of highly innovative, large, software solutions that meet specifications and significantly impact future developments.
  • Conceives and leads the execution of major software development projects and major fixes using new or existing technologies.
  • Leads the development of specifications for major software development projects.
  • Reviews or writes code
  • Leads programming and testing and debugging of major software development projects.
  • Creates protocols, documentation and tools for the installation and maintenance of major software projects.
  • Conceives and sets the design and direction for major software development projects.
  • Leads the design of components of major software development projects, developing specifications for each.
  • Designs, develops, manages, creates and maintains the technical components and templates for front end screens for clients.
  • Strong understanding of the front-end technology stack; able to code against front-end and lead end-to-end troubleshooting.
  • Interacts and coordinates deliverables with other technical groups in the organization.
  • Executes assigned component level projects using new or existing technologies.
  • Designs and develops specifications for assigned projects.
  • Reviews or troubleshoots and performs testing.
  • Participates in conceiving and setting the direction for development projects.
  • Influences the work of team members, other teams, and assigned projects through decisions and actions.
  • Designs the component tasks of assigned projects, developing specifications for each.
  • Serves as a high-level technical resource and “go-to” person for less experienced developers and leadership, providing technical guidance and oversight.
  • Recommends improvements to processes, technology, and interfaces that improve the effectiveness of the team.
  • Responsible for coordinating the workload across team members.

what is >/dev/null 2>&1

> is for redirect

/dev/null is a black hole where any data sent, will be discarded

2 is the file descriptor for Standard Error

> is for redirect

& is the symbol for file descriptor (without it, the following 1 would be considered a filename)

1 is the file descriptor for Standard Out

Therefore >/dev/null 2>&1 is redirect the output of your program to /dev/null. Include both the Standard Error and Standard Out.

Much more information is available at The Linux Documentation Project’s I/O Redirection page.

cron will only email you if there is some output from you job. With everything redirected to null, there is no output and hence cron will not email you.


Raleche Ultra Fast – Quick logs

Great have a look to Ultra fast API

Image result for packagist




exclude path from htaccess

exclude path from htaccess

RewriteRule ^(admin|docs)($|/) – [L]


how to configure configure /etc/httpd/conf.d/vhosts/web.conf

 <Directory /var/www/>
                Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
                AllowOverride All
                Order allow,deny
                allow from all

ab – Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool – API Performance

ab – Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool

ab -n500 -c20 -H ‘’