Continuous Integration/Development Programming Web API

How to step by step implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Development in your software team ?

Fast development and Integration according to David Raleche – Process





  • Introducing new bugs after making a change (No proper regression test)
  • Increase Automation overall
  • Lack of transparency
  • Improve quality and testability
  • No Proper Api documentation (Swagger)


  • Duplicate code throughout the program
  • Reading or writing code which is difficult to understand (PSR-2)
  • No Peer Programming (Code Review) in place (Pull Request)




  • DRY do not repeat yourself
  • KISS – Keep it Stupid Simple
  • PSR-2 Code Styling
  • PSR-3 Log for debug purposes
  • PSR-4 Comment Code Properly
  • Function no exceeding 40 lines




  • PHP Code
    • No Errors
    • No Warnings
    • No Notices
  • Unit Testing – 2 per api calls


  • CREATE Functional API Test


    • 3 positive tests
    • 3 negatives



  • Final API Documentation (swagger)



  • Check PHP logs (Nagios)
    • PHP Code
      • No Errors
      • No Warnings
      • No Notices


  • Execute Regression Testing

  • Make sure unit testing reach out full Code coverage

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