David Raleche Expertise

David Raleche Expertise

  • The Lead Software Engineer conceives, designs, develops, tests, and implements software fixes, enhancements, components, and/or new software systems and applications with a high level of complexity, where a project encompasses multiple components.
  • The Lead Software Engineer applies practical knowledge of technologies and concepts to lead software engineering teams on large projects, providing technical guidance and oversight and acting as a point of escalation and technical expert.
  • The Lead Software Engineer has accountability for planning, structuring, and leading the execution of development projects.


  • Owns and leads large development projects and teams where a project comprises multiple components; oversees project teams as required.
  • Leads the development of highly innovative, large, software solutions that meet specifications and significantly impact future developments.
  • Conceives and leads the execution of major software development projects and major fixes using new or existing technologies.
  • Leads the development of specifications for major software development projects.
  • Reviews or writes code
  • Leads programming and testing and debugging of major software development projects.
  • Creates protocols, documentation and tools for the installation and maintenance of major software projects.
  • Conceives and sets the design and direction for major software development projects.
  • Leads the design of components of major software development projects, developing specifications for each.
  • Designs, develops, manages, creates and maintains the technical components and templates for front end screens for clients.
  • Strong understanding of the front-end technology stack; able to code against front-end and lead end-to-end troubleshooting.
  • Interacts and coordinates deliverables with other technical groups in the organization.
  • Executes assigned component level projects using new or existing technologies.
  • Designs and develops specifications for assigned projects.
  • Reviews or troubleshoots and performs testing.
  • Participates in conceiving and setting the direction for development projects.
  • Influences the work of team members, other teams, and assigned projects through decisions and actions.
  • Designs the component tasks of assigned projects, developing specifications for each.
  • Serves as a high-level technical resource and “go-to” person for less experienced developers and leadership, providing technical guidance and oversight.
  • Recommends improvements to processes, technology, and interfaces that improve the effectiveness of the team.
  • Responsible for coordinating the workload across team members.

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