How to fix Laravel Trailing Data Exception ?

Setting timestamps to false means you are going to lose both created_at and updated_at whereas you could set both of the keys in your model.

Case 1:

You have created_at column but not update_at you could simply set updated_at to false in your model

class ABC extends Model {

const UPDATED_AT = null;

Case 2:

You have both created_at and updated_at columns but with different column names

You could simply do:

class ABC extends Model {

const CREATED_AT = 'name_of_created_at_column';
const UPDATED_AT = 'name_of_updated_at_column';

Finally ignoring timestamps completely:

class ABC extends Model {

public $timestamps = false;

Trailing data is a Carbon error, it’s because you probably use Postgres and your date returns milliseconds.

“created_at” => “2018-04-19 07:01:19.929554”

You can add the following method to your (base) model.

public function getDateFormat()
     return 'Y-m-d H:i:s.u';

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