How to onboard a developer in your team ?

Onboarding tools

1 – Assist them in having their work environment ready

#1 –  create a company email for new employee

#2 –   Provide a GIT repository account

#3 –  provide local development environment – Sandboxes account

#4 – provide Jira Account / access

#5 – provide Confluence account

#6 –  provide VPN access

#7 –  provide Chat/Slack access

2- Guideline Programming

3 – Recommendation for integrating  developers in the group

*  pull request / code review against programming guideline

*  write functional test on the latest/pending release

* write documentation phpdocs / swagger / add documentation

4 – Programming guideline

programmer guideline
programmer guideline

 Principles are guiding this methodology

- Readability
- Quality Assurance
- Logic
- Reusable code


PSR-2 code styling
Function no longer than 50 lines
PHP doc Block
TypeHint your functions
More information:

For better code readability we suggest PSR-2 code styling to be applied. We consider a function bigger than 25 lines is not an efficient function. For engaging this methodology we recommend 50 lines maximum per function. DocBloc are essentials. Swagger in a case of API writing is essential to be present.
A developer should be able to explain his work easily and quickly and should use materials to do so

Quality Insurance

No PHP error message
No PHP Warning messages
No PHP Notices
No hardcore credentials
Unit Testing

When executing the code we expect the quality assurance team to verify that no PHP errors, warnings, notices are produced. We also expect the QA team to go throughout the code to verify that no hardcore credentials are present within the code. Unit Test writing should be edited by QA team preferably


DRY (do not repeat yourself)
KISS (Keep it Stupid Simple)
SOLID principles

 Reusable Code

Use PHP throw exception
Use Object oriented techniques
Use static function

Use PHP throw exception
Use Object oriented techniques
Use static function

Add the following your PHP too get rid of PHP notices, warnings

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);

SWAN Profile


Work hard



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