How to Recognize Worthy Programming Tasks ?

Nowadays, IT departments have been jam-packed with a lot of nonsense and therefore a lot of Jira tickets, if you see what I mean. Here is a way to quickly assess the necessity of a task or a project to be executed. It is important to raise these questions during preliminary meetings. Once the project is launched, it will be difficult to backpedal according to my experience. Also great find in this tweet great ideas on how to tackle this question

  • Is it going to fix something ?
  • Can we afford to break what’s already working ?
  • Do we really need to make that change ?
  • Is it going to improve performance ?

Here are the most critical questions :

  • How will this make users/customer live better ?
  • How is it going to make our developers lives better ?

Although these questions above may seem rational and logical, they can easily and will be easily swept away by some great irresponsible political bluffer developer/manager mentioning the security of a system or application. The word is dropped : Security. The winning argument, the selling point to any individual and to any of our dear IT companies, FEAR.

Although most of our infrastructure are covered with firewalls, proxies, CDN and heavy monitoring systems – I have seen Fear win the argument even if the chance of its occurring was inexistent

David Raleche

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