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How to fix Satori 80004005 error ?

MRE1=92 -2147467259 SaveReport failed to save the file "0429C038" for report 364. (error 80004005)

Make Sure All parameters are passed

satoriTemplateClass  standard-letter
records_count        287 
permit_number        892 
piece_height         8.5 
piece_weight          0
piece_width           0 
piece_thickness       0.0294 
post_office_drop_date  2021-03-24 
presort_class          standard 
post_office_drop_date. 2021-03-24 

postage category

- letter
- flat
- postcard

presort class

Satori Architect USPS

What is Error: 80040421 quadient/satori architect server ?

Error: 80040421 – Unable to allocate any sequence numbers

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Satori OfficeJun 12, 2019•Knowledge Base ArticleProductsSatori Architect;Satori OfficeArticle

When running a mail sort, the following error occurs: 
           80040421 – Unable to allocate any sequence numbers

The USPS requires that sequence numbers remain unique for 45 days. When the Sequence mail pieces parameter is set to Automatic, the Bulk Mailer system keeps track of the date and the sequence numbers used. The program also looks for a continuous sequential block of numbers large enough for all the records that are being sorted; if it does not find a large enough block of sequential numbers available, it will produce this error.  
Note:  Satori Architect and Office do not allow sequence numbers to be reused for 120 days from the mailing date specified in the sort settings.

Obtain another Mailer ID to use until the current Mailer ID’s sequence numbers are released for re-use. Once a second Mailer ID is obtained through the Business Customer Gateway, create a second permit by making a copy of the current one, and use the new Mailer ID in the second permit.

More Information
How to request an additional Mailer ID

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